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As a born medical intuitive and energy healer, Asia uses her ability along with Energitic Aromas Prouducts and Spiritual equipment to identify your physical, mental and emotional challenges. Aysha addresses illness of all types as well as physical and emotional devastation.

 Love, Marriage, Divorce, Soul Mates , Reuniting or letting go of past love, Adultery, Guilt, Closure, Legal justice, Victory, Fertility, Hyper Children, Confusion with family, Confusion at home, School issues, Pet issues, Creative issues, Music art & writing, Nightmares, Sleep disorders such as insomnia, Anxiety & depression fears- Phobias emotional distress, Prosperity job, Serious or normal decision making, Physical issues Weight & hair loss ADD/ ADHD, Grief,  Menopause, Symptoms and Women & men Health Problems   *Regaining Strength – Health Confidence & Insecurity Relocation & more.





1. I can help you discover what’s really most important in your life. 

2. I can Help you design a goal plan. 


3. We can work together to eliminate any obstacles or blockages. 

4. We’ll partner together all the way to your success. 

My soul purpose is to awaken and help heal as many individuals to their true potential!

☾ Reiki - 1, 2 & 3 

☾ Longevity Wellness Healing

☾ Emotional Cord Cutting

☾ Akashic Field Therapy


☾ Panchakarma


☾ Crystal Singing Bowl Healing

☾ Tibetan Brass Bowl Healing

☾ Reincarnation

☾ Crystal Layout Therapy


☾ Meditation Sessions 


☾ Energy Balancing 


☾ Spiritual Cleansing 


☾ *Chakra Alignments, repairs & activations 


☾ Past Life Evaluation 


☾ Path Finder 


☾ Astrology Charts


☾ Past Life Regression


As a Spiritual Healer


Miss A is a Psychic and Spiritual guide for those in need. she is  able to channel all types of Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirits, and Divine beings, Pure and Powerful Energy. To guide you and help you to make the important decisions in your life.  Higher perspective on the events in your life and relationships.


Mystic Psychic A can and will help you in any area of your life, your relationships, and facilitate your Spiritual evolution with unique and amazing intuitive gifts. 


Miss A uses extremely rare and unique methods which make my psychic healing different from others,  these rare ancient techniques will allow me to provide clarity and understanding to your issues.  

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